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Centrala Nasienna Zielenin

83-400 Kościerzyna, woj: pomorskie
ul. Przemysłowa 7

cell phone. 601 423 995

phone: 58 686 38 57, 58 686 30 03


BS Kościerzyna
05 8328 0007 2001 0005 0874 0016

We offer:

Cereal seeds Cereal seeds Seed potatoes Seed potatoes Grass mixtures Grass mixtures Other seeds Other seeds

Centrala Nasienna 'Zielenin'

The main direction of the company is the production of cereal seed, grassmixtures, legumes seed, potatoes and other seeds.

Our company continues a 60-year tradition of cooperation with farmers from the region Kashubian and Polish in the production and exchange of seed.

We all know that certified seeds arethe basis for good harvest and success.

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Please call the phone number +48 603 053 108